In a similar way to remote accessing other University systems, Microsoft 365 (M365) uses Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), which immediately increases your account (and therefore data) security by requiring multiple forms of verification to prove your identity when you sign in to a Microsoft application. That includes your University password plus an additional form of identification. MFA is recommended as best practice by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).

When the M365 Project Board considered IT Security Governance, the Board agreed that we should adopt those recommendations. So, from Wednesday 22 July, all University staff use MFA to access M365 applications.

This process is different to Remote Access. It’s a reasonably painless process that we’ve been using in IT Services so that we can help you get started. You will find information and video guidance in our IT Knowledge Base article KB14979.

We are also running live ITS GO Online sessions to walk you through the process and answer questions you may have.

Upcoming sessions:

Friday 24 July, 12.00 – 12.30pm
Join session: https://bham-ac-uk.zoom.us/j/91114430972?pwd=N0xBZjRuVFp4N01Td1FzY0tienVqQT09
Meeting ID: 911 1443 0972
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