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 Current Outages:

 Nothing to report!

IT Services are not currently aware of any system outages.


Turnitin Inaccessible

Updated: 21 Oct 2020 at 9:03am

Turnitin should now be available as they have resolved the issue with their data centre. If you continue to have any issues please let us know through the usual channels.

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Panopto: Europe Region Service Disruption

Updated: 21 Oct 2020 at 8:46am

Panopto have informed us that they are having issues with the platform which is affecting the entire Europe region.
This may show it self as being unable to login, or slow performance once you are able to login.
You can stay up to date with the issue by seeing Panopto’s status page;

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 Known Issues & Workarounds:

WiFi: Disruption to eduroam on Dubai campus

Updated: 21 Oct 2020 at 12:48pm

There have been disruptions to the Eduroam WiFi network on the Dubai campus. We’ve now fixed this issue, and you should be able to access Eduroam as usual.

We’re currently running essential maintenance on elements of our network in Edgbaston. There is a possibility that this could cause intermittent disruption to the Eduroam network during the evening in Dubai. If you experience any issues this evening, please use the Guest WiFi instead.

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Zoom: Access Issues from China

Updated: 1 Oct 2020 at 2:14pm

There have been recent reports of problems accessing and from China.

If you find that access to these sites are blocked, please do the following to access meetings, teaching events and the Zoom client:

To join a meeting:

  • If an invite utilizes a “” URL for joining, you will need to manually input the meeting id at

To login to Zoom:

To download the Zoom client software:

  • Please visit to download the latest Zoom application to connect to Zoom Meetings and Webinars in China.

Workaround - Zoom: Access Issues from China

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Student Timetables: Queries

Updated: 1 Oct 2020 at 2:07pm

IT Services are currently receiving many queries about the release of student timetable information and how timetables can be accessed.

To answer our most frequently asked questions, we have produced the following article:

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Landline phones

Updated: 28 Sep 2020 at 4:03pm

Some people are currently experiencing issues with our landline telephones.

If you’re affected by this, please use alternative methods of communication such as Microsoft Teams or email.

You can log a call with the IT Service Desk via the IT Service Portal.

We’re working to resolve these issues; we’ll let you know when we have more information.

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Our Remote Access Service allows you to access your University files and data wherever you are. The service can be accessed on any computer running Windows, macOS or Linux.

**Make sure that you are registered for Remote Access Service in advance**

For off-campus access, you will also require a smartphone that has a Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) application installed such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator.

Information and guidance about working remotely from home is available at KB14867.

For other related issues, please make sure you have read the latest University Coronavirus FAQs available at


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 Scheduled Maintenance:

Software Centre will be unavailable on Friday 23 October

Updated: 21 Oct 2020 at 1:01pm | Maintenance Window: 23 Oct 2020 9:00am to 23 Oct 2020 1:00pm  

We are carrying out essential updates to the University’s Software Centre on Friday, 23 October between 9.00am and 1.00pm. During this time you will be unable to use the service to install new software on your Windows device through the campus network or the Remote Access Service.

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BEAR DataShare: Online editing

Updated: 16 Oct 2020 at 9:39am | Maintenance Window: 21 Oct 2020 11:00am to 21 Oct 2020 2:00pm  

Due to an upgrade to the online editing part of BEAR DataShare (Only Office), it will not be possible to view or edit Office documents on the BEAR DataShare web portal ( between 11 am and 2 pm on Wednesday 21st October. Files can still be downloaded during the maintenance time.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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 Recent Service Changes:

Web Single Sign-on: Change to How You Login

Updated: 18 Sep 2020 at 8:53am  

We have recently upgraded our web single sign-on service (Shibboleth) to integrate with Microsoft 365, so there is a change to how you login to services that use it such as Canvas, Findit@Bham, New Core, and others.

You will see a new login screen, and instead of using your username you will need to use your full University of Birmingham e-mail address. Additionally, if you are an external user who has a canvas-only account these have be logged in as shown below.

Here are examples of the login format:




Canvas-Only (iVLE):


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Remote Desktop: Change to Access

Updated: 8 Sep 2020 at 9:11am

To improve University cybersecurity, IT Services has made an important change to the remote desktop service. If you use remote desktop to connect to a device on campus, it will no longer work unless you connect using the Virtual Private Network (VPN).

This change does not apply to users using the remote desktop available via the remote access website.

You can find out how to use the VPN at our IT Knowledge Base article KB13628.

If you use the remote desktop service to access dedicated research equipment and experience any problems doing so using VPN, please contact your local College IT Manager. If you are unsure who that is, please log a call with the IT Service Desk who will put you in contact.

If you experience any other related problems, please contact the Service Desk.

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