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 Current Outages:

BIRMS technical issue – fix applied

Updated: 24 Sep 2021 at 1:33pm Birmingham Affected

IT Services technical teams have identified the cause of the technical issue affecting users ability to update student module registrations in BIRMS this morning.

A fix has been applied and affected users have been contacted to verify that they can now access systems normally.


Link to this status message

Zoom: Meeting connection issues

Updated: 24 Sep 2021 at 5:00pm Birmingham Affected

The intermittent issue with our Zoom service is ongoing. This is affecting Zoom connection from both off campus and on campus sessions, including those from the Zoom enabled Hybrid Teaching Rooms.

We appreciate the impact this issue will have if it is not resolved ready for teaching to begin on Monday and apologise that we are unable to provide a satisfactory update at this stage. We will continue liaising with Zoom over the weekend, however we are not in a position to guarantee that these issues will be resolved by Monday.

We will provide a further update on Monday morning. If we are able to resolve this over the weekend, we will also update the IT Status Page immediately to reflect that. We have arranged to also share information via the MyUoB news tile and the IT Service Desk on Monday, should we need to.



If you are using Zoom and experience service disruption, please record the session with Panopto. You may also use the full Panopto recorder to live stream the session at the same time as recording.

  1. Record the session using the Quick Start lecture capture from the Lectern PC. See HEFi guidance on starting quick start lecture capture.
  2. Record and live stream the session from the lectern PC. See HEFi guidance on Panopto Live Streaming. Tell your students via a Canvas Announcement that the Panopto live stream can be accessed via the module Canvas course Panopto folder link.

Link to this status message